"I'm still very new to your company, but I'm overwhelmed by the appreciation and support you show to your therapists!"

Jeneane, SLP

"I have been with MJ Care since my graduation from PTA school. I was made a rehab director shortly after being hired. This excited me because I thought only therapists could hold this type of position. I was also concerned that the therapists would not respect me in this position, but this proved very incorrect. I have been given the knowledge and support from the corporate level to assist my growth in the position. The therapists that I work with are very respectful and we work as a great team to help patients return to their highest level of function. At MJ Care NO job is a small one, everyone has a place and room to grow."

Rose, PTA

"It is comforting to know that I work for a company where I'm not just a number and am surrounded by good people that make each day enjoyable at work. They reward me for being a hard worker and make it known to me that I am valuable and appreciated. It is hard to find that in a company these days."

Tammy, PTA

"It is a joy to arrive at work everyday in my school setting and treat my caseload. It's also a joy to work with and be treated as a professional in a people-oriented company. To top it all off, we have a terrific boss. I can tell that she truly cares about her employees and what is in their best interest."

Tammie, School-Based COTA

"I initially pursued employment with MJ Care because of the focus the founder, Mary, had on giving God the glory. I liked that she spoke openly about God in relation to the company."

Emily, School-Based OT

"As a Physical Therapist in the field for 21 years I have worked in various settings. I express, with great sincerity, that MJ Care has provided exceptional support for employee training, education, and providing a positive work environment. Our mission to provide rehabilitation and related services in an atmosphere of integrity, trust, and compassion, glorifying God in all that we do is put to practice on a daily basis. Patient care is a priority. Mary Ellen Van Lare, PT, CEO and our Regional Director, are always easily available as valuable resources. They make personal visits to each and every facility on a frequent and consistent schedule. This keeps the lines of communication open to meet the needs of employees, contracted facilities, and ultimately benefits patient care. I am working at an exceptional facility that is rehab oriented and proactive in approaching patient care. This facility has provided our staff with educational and training opportunities and supports a team approach to developing programs and improving quality of care."

Suzanne, PT, Rehab Director