School Billing Software

Simply SBS™

The software developed by MJ Care is designed to easily process all claims electronically and allows district staff to complete Medicaid billing either over the Internet from any web capable computer or, if preferred, by using streamlined service encounter forms. A computer with high speed Internet access is all you need to successfully access the system. Simply SBS™ offers: 

  • Medicaid eligibility verification
  • Electronic submission of claims
  • Parent permission and physician verification
  • Customized reporting
  • Web-based treatment plan for service providers to report and document service data on all students
  • Complete reconciliation program with electronic imports of remittance and status reports
  • An automated payment posting system
  • Ability to import and validate large amounts of data 

It is able to easily import a flat file from an IEP writing/tracking database to further enhance this capability as demonstrated by our districts that choose to share data between their current IEP program and our billing program to streamline efficiencies. District personnel can monitor, manage and track revenue, and generate multiple service and eligibility reports.

MJ Care will work with your district's IEP software to develop any necessary billing records. We can always craft a special program to meet your unique needs using any of the above services.

For further information about our Medicaid billing program, or to receive your complimentary revenue estimate, click here to contact Jennifer Corwin, Senior School Blling Consultant, or dial (800) 359-1046 ext. 425.