Rehab Force

Rehab Force : The Solution to Your Staffing Needs

Staffing Shortages?
Are you facing staffing shortages in your rehab department or school district? We know the challenges this presents:

  • Quality of therapy delivery is affected
  • Pressure builds among current staff
  • Program development is put on the "back burner"
  • Revenue is decreased


Your Staffing Solution

Rehab Force is dedicated to providing you with quality therapy staff and programs that meet your immediate and future temporary or permanent staffing needs. 

Turn to us when planned or unexpected short and long-term staff vacancies occur, or program growth demands additional permanently placed therapists. Whether needing a therapist for the day, the week or the year we will work to fulfill the most urgent or anticipated requests. 

Therapy is what we know. It is what we have done successfully and passionately for more than 30 years. It is our area of specialty now and for the future. Our success has taught us to operate profitable clinics, initiate innovative programs and instill a company culture that attracts high-quality, seasoned professionals. These outstanding therapists offer you their able-bodies, expertise and experience for as long as needed. They are inspired clinicians who care deeply about therapy and take pride in their documentation and treatment skills. You will see and value the difference. 

Allow Rehab Force to cover your staffing needs, including illness, maternity, disability, medical and military leaves, vacations and staff vacancies. Our expansive knowledge in therapy staffing and recruiting and our high standards deliver outstanding results for your patients requiring treatment. 

Our recruiters have great maturity and experience in the field of healthcare recruiting - specifically the recruitment of therapists. They understand how to develop and set into motion a very detailed and comprehensive plan to identify quality staff for each of our clients. Their years of networking and industry experience have produced outstanding results. We draw from our own pool of experienced therapists as well as knowledgeable therapists looking for new opportunities. 

Call us if you need to locate temporary, temp to permanent or permanently placed: 

Physical Therapists
Physical Therapists Assistants
Occupational Therapists
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
Speech-Language Pathologists


Why Temp Staffing?

There is a difference in staffing agencies. Rehab Force prides itself in providing you with outstanding therapists who bring with them excellent credentials and experience that meet your most demanding expectations. Enjoy the reliability and difference Rehab Force can make to your temporary or permanent staffing demands. 

With Rehab Force
• You enjoy the benefits of an experienced, independent problem solver
• Our placement contract is streamlined and straightforward, without the complexities that can slow down your ultimate success
• We add depth to your staff with therapists from a variety of educational and clinical backgrounds
• We screen all therapists and assure your satisfaction
• We provide all necessary medical tests for all therapists
• You save time and expensive recruiting fees


Permanent Placement Services

Turn to our therapy recruiters to help locate experienced, passionate and skillful therapists interested in pursuing permanent placement opportunities in outpatient, school, pediatric, geriatric and acute care settings. We work to alleviate the pressure your staff may feel to fill these long-standing open positions. 

Our placement contract is streamlined and straightforward, without the complexities that can slow down your ultimate success. 

See the difference our experience will make for you. 

To learn more how Rehab Force can benefit you, click here to contact us.