Clinical Consulting

MJ Care has assembled a team of distinguished professionals who possess extensive experience in the operation of long-term care facilities. Each team member brings significant and varying perspectives to identify opportunities and resolve problems. Our team has years of real-world experience in the administration and management of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities as well as nursing, finance, dementia and restorative nursing programming, marketing, billing, Medicare, Medicaid and clinical therapy programs.

As an example, allow our consultants to:

  • Create clinical dementia and restorative nursing programs that accurately capture reimbursable patient treatment and positively impact your survey process.
  • Work with therapy and restorative nursing to design individualized functional maintenance programs that meet Medicare and Medicaid criteria for skilled nursing services.
  • Expand traditional PT, OT and Speech therapy programs by adding a cognitive component to treatment that opens new opportunities to enhance residents' quality of life and creates additional facility revenue sources.
  • Make recommendations that maximize opportunities to address the rehab needs of your long-term population through caseload development and appropriate Medicare B utilization.
  • Determine potential increases in the Medicaid case mix reimbursement for restorative nursing programs.
  • Conduct a Medicare or rehab audit to review clinical, documentation, coding, billing and operational issues that may dramatically impact your ability to optimize reimbursement and meet survey requirements.
  • Complete an operational review to identify opportunities or threats to the success and stability of your community and create a success plan for the future.

To learn more on how MJ Care's therapy programs can benefit your residents as well as your bottom line, click here to contact Judy Yesko, Corporate Compliance Consultant or dial (866) MJCARE-1, ext. 451 or complete our Proposal Request.