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School-Based and Pediatric Therapy & Consulting

MJ Care has a strong mission, a clear vision, and decades of experience in school therapy staffing. We are dedicated to  school districts and are passionate about connecting students with the therapy professionals they need.  We provide custom recruitment solutions to support your students, families and teachers.   Our mission is to help attract and retain top talent for the success of your students.  

  • MJ Care has a large network of speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, certified occupational therapy assistants, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, nurses, and other special education professionals.  

  • Our team has experience in the school-based setting and are focused on providing students with excellent care.  Furthermore, we advocate for our students and their families and collaborate with all team members in an inclusive manner.  

  • We provide staffing solutions for full-time, part-time, and temporary assignments with our talented and qualified associates.  From day one, our team steps in to deliver effective and quality services.  

  • State and national professional organizations stay in our focus so we are knowledgeable on practice guidelines for pediatric care.   We participate in annual continuing education for growth in our professional development.  

A few things to know about us: 

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At our core, we believe maximum value and quality comes from people.  We utilize our proven experience in recruiting resources, aligned with your needs, to find the ultimate solution. 
We are all about mentorship - at no cost to your district.  Our therapists support each other in learning opportunities, in new practices, and for students with high areas of need.  
Finding staff for your special education department can be time-intensive and complicated.  Partnering with MJ Care eliminates high recruiting costs and saves you valuable time.  We handle it all:  Screening, interviewing, background check, credentialing, licensing and mentorship.  

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