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School-Based Medicaid Billing

MJ Care provides successful billing for school-based services through a combination of our team of experts and our proprietary web-based software.   With over 20 years of school based billing experience, we provide guidance every step of the way and are committed to the success of your School Based Services program.  We partner with your district administrators and providers to understand and maximize Medicaid reimbursement and to stay ahead of Federal and State policy changes.

Navigating billing policies and Medicaid requirements can be overwhelming.  MJ Care offers a full spectrum of support, including:


  • Medicaid eligibility and billing for services

  • Education and training

  • Monitoring and reporting of reimbursement volumes and trends

  • Service documentation and storage

  • Medicaid resources and direct user support

  • Investigation, rework, and reprocessing of denied claims

  • Support during audits

  • Continuous improvement for best practice

  • Executive presentations and custom reporting

Over 20 Years of Experience

Speech Therapy

Education and training is a critical part of our approach.  MJ Care provides all staff training and education on Medicaid reimbursement and documentation guidelines. We’ll work with your processes, make expectations clear, and help guide along the way. Our educational sessions are available both onsite and virtually, with comprehensive user manuals that are easy to follow.  

More information...

Medicaid billing made simple!  MJ Care's software system, SBS Elite, is a web-based, secure program with simple, intuitive workflows.  We configure every part of your district's needs: setting up provider and student caseloads, importing IEP details, treatment diagnoses, and student profiles.   Whether your school utilizes paper-based documentation or online, direct-entry, our team will support and provide guidance every step of the way. 

Quality is part of MJ Care's values, and it's the foundation of our billing team.  We've integrated coding reviews, student goal progress, and reminders for missing information as part of our service offering to make monitoring and tracking simple.  Our standard reports are accessible 24/7/365 and our Medicaid experts are just a phone call away.

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