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New Graduates

Let MJ Care help you build a solid foundation for your career in therapy. We enthusiastically welcome new graduates to apply today! Begin your career in one of our dynamic healthcare or school locations.

We are Experienced

MJ Care works with university therapy departments and student organizations to help students master skills necessary for their success after graduation. Our management staff are leaders in their fields, are well respected within university circles and are often asked to participate in school presentations on topics of interest to student groups. 

What We Offer

Once you become an MJ Care associate, you can rely on our Mentorship Program, Clinical Fellowship, or Job Shadowing to help feel confident and secure. We nurture your desire to work with strong, clinically advanced therapy team members and leaders. Our team-building philosophy and approach offers you a network of professional support from more experienced field clinicians. We provide just the right amount of supervision to help you excel and grow in your position. 

How Will We Help?

We are there to help to prepare new graduates for the realities of their first work experience. Speech, occupational and physical therapy consultants are available to offer educational sessions on the following topics:​

  • Eliminating the Fear Factor - Work Place Realities

  • The Reimbursement Maze

  • Dysphasia - The Bedside Evaluation

  • The Certificate of Clinical Competence - A Step Toward Certification

What is a Clinical Fellowship

MJ Care is dedicated to speech-language pathology professionals throughout their college education, clinical fellowship experience and as they grow in their career. ASHA's Certificates of Clinical Competence, the CCC's, is the nation's most widely recognized symbols of competency for speech-language pathology and audiology professionals. The CCC's indicates the highest level of professionalism and proficiency. Our ASHA Certified speech-language pathologists are passionate about their profession and will meet exceed the ASHA standards.

What is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing is a work experience option where you can learn about a career at MJ Care while being on site, walking through the workday shadowing the daily activities of an MJ Care associate. Experience firsthand the work environment and witness the MJ Care culture and therapy skills in practice, the value of professional training and potential career options.

What is Mentoring

Our PT, OT, and SLP consultants mentor and support our associates in maximizing quality of therapy services. We provide on-site visits, telephone and e-mail support, educational in-services, hands-on clinical consultation, continuing education development and mentoring of associates at all levels throughout the organization.

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