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Kelly Meleo


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I am my mother’s daughter – the daughter of MJ Care’s founder, Mary. Continuing my mother’s faith-driven purpose for MJ Care is close to my heart and I believe MJ Care offers a unique and better choice for Rehab, School Staffing and Medicaid Billing services that is needed in our communities. Our competitive edge does not come from an efficiency of scale, but because of our high standard of quality upheld by the very talented people who choose to work with us, doing what is right. We call this standard “the MJ Way”. This is the reason our associates and partners choose MJ Care. 


Learning is one of my top joys and motivations, and it is very rewarding for me to weave this joy of lifelong learning and growth into our culture at MJ Care. We have a responsibility to provide the very best service we can, which means always learning, always growing, and improving.  I am a data-driven leader and love incorporating measurable goals with the unique needs of our partners to achieve sustainable success.    


In my role as CEO of MJ Care, I see the growing needs for access to health services across the entire age continuum and I am intent on serving those needs with our partners. I believe MJ Care’s dedication to our mission, consistency of family ownership, and our focus on relationships makes us the ideal partner for other quality organizations looking for creative solutions to today’s challenges. MJ Care is a company with over 45 years of experience providing excellent service “the MJ Way”.  


I look forward to serving with you! 

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