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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I work for MJ Care?

• Excellent pay and full benefits • Flexible work schedule • Choice of outstanding facilities and locations • Established mentoring program, clinical fellowships and continuing education funds. • Christian culture that nurtures and supports you • Growth opportunities

Is MJ Care a contract therapy company and what does that mean for me?

Yes, and in addition to providing Medicaid school billing services, MJ Care as a contract therapy company is a leader in cost-effective therapy staffing. We have been a partner to hundreds of medical facilities as well as schools throughout the country. We are an energetic team of more than 350 experienced therapists.

Why do health care facilities and school districts contract with MJ Care?

First and foremost, we recruit the best qualified therapists and match their knowledge, skills and abilities with our partners' needs. We build client relationships based on the exceptional customer service provided by our therapists and the respect and dignity of our actions In 1977 Mary Van Lare, a therapist at the time, founded our company. Since then, we have had strong and lasting partnerships with many facilities and schools. Our partners know how difficult it is to recruit qualified therapists and successfully manage a therapy program in this rapidly changing healthcare environment. They rely on our knowledge and expertise to staff and run their department. Since the caliber of our therapists is so high, our partners are fully aware that it is difficult to recruit staff and manage the department to be just as successful on their own.

Why should I apply with MJ Care when I could search for a job on my own?

MJ Care has an impressive array of contracts nationwide with facilities that partner with us to deliver therapy services. These services include skilled nursing and assisted living, schools, VA hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies. Many of these positions you may never find on your own since we have access to many healthcare systems, networks, medical facilities, schools, job boards and websites. Our recruitment team works with you to find out what you are looking for and the schedule you need. We may already have a position to meet your interests.

What are the growth opportunities?

MJ Care is recognized for providing associates with lasting and satisfying careers. We have a "promote from within" philosophy. Our clinical Vice Presidents and Senior Managers started as clinicians and many still maintain "hands on" treatment time. You will be working with strong and experienced therapy teams who have expanded their skills by working in several clinic settings during their career, including both schools and medical facilities. We take pride knowing that nearly ten percent of our associates have been with us for more than 10 years!

What is Mentoring?

Our PT, OT, and SLP consultants mentor and support our associates in maximizing quality of therapy services. We provide on-site visits, telephone and e-mail support, educational in-services, hands-on clinical consultation, continuing education development and mentoring of associates at all levels throughout the organization.

Are wages competitive? Are there benefits?

Wages are generally higher than if you were paid directly by a facility or school. MJ Care offers full benefits for full-time employees including health, dental, and life insurance, flexible spending accounts, PTO, and paid continuing education are part of our excellent benefit package

Who does my evaluation?

Your supervisor at MJ Care does your evaluation based on your work performance, achievements and customer feedback.

What is it like to work for MJ Care as a new graduate?

MJ Care welcomes and encourages new graduates to apply. We offer a multitude of learning and growth experiences. We have successfully hired many new graduates to work in various locations and settings. Our mentoring program will help you feel confident and secure in your new position as a therapist.

What is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing is a work experience option where you can learn about a career at MJ Care while being on site, walking through the work day shadowing the daily activities of an MJ Care associate. Experience firsthand the work environment, and witness the MJ Care culture and therapy skills in practice, the value of professional training and potential career options.

What is the Clinical Fellowship Experience?

MJ Care is dedicated to speech-language pathology professionals throughout their college education, clinical fellowship experience and as they grow in their career. ASHA's Certificates of Clinical Competence, the CCC's, are the nation's most widely recognized symbols of competency for speech-language pathology and audiology professionals. The CCC's indicate the highest level of professionalism and proficiency. MJ Care is committed to support and mentor Clinical Fellows. Our certified speech-language pathologists are passionate about their profession and will meet exceed the ASHA standards. Our Clinical Fellowship mentors will be there for you throughout your CF experience.

What is our Continuing Education Program?

MJ Care promotes the professional and career development of all associates. This benefit is provided to assist associates in developing competencies and preparing for career advancement within MJ Care.

What is Refer A Friend?

MJ Care recognizes the significant contribution of professional networking to our recruiting process. Therefore, a financial reward is offered to anyone referring applicants who become associates of MJ Care. $400 for Full-Time $250 for Part-Time $25 for PRN

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