Mission & Philosophy

Mary Van Lare, PT
Founder, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

Instill hope and joy into a quality healthcare experience while achieving outstanding outcomes.

Our Vision

To be the unparalleled partner by delivering customized solutions for school and therapy services.

Message From Our Founder

I'm delighted to share our story with you. On July 11, 1977, God answered my prayer and created an opportunity for me, as a physical therapist, to practice "on my own" in an environment where He could use me to instill hope and joy into each patient's treatments. In the beginning I called the company MJ Therapy Services. I employed only one associate, a full-time therapy aide. We worked at a large skilled nursing facility on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have grown to service facilities across Wisconsin and the country and are now also recognized as a Woman Business Enterprise. Through the years, it became obvious to me that I loved working with people and projects more than I loved hands-on treatment. I felt God could use me more if I worked through people, not on people.

Today, as I reflect on what He has done, I stand in awe at how He is unfolding new opportunities, expanding our territory and blessing our associates. I give Him all the credit for who we are and what we stand for - honoring Him in all we do.

The MJ Way™

For 40 years, MJ Care has operated by a philosophy of doing things the "MJ Way", a phrase created by company associates that simply translated means providing quality healthcare through the services of quality people encouraged and supported to function at very high standards. It means treating others the way you would like to be treated by honoring their individuality and respecting their dignity. Our associates are advocates for the equitable treatment of all individuals and stand firm in support of ethical practice and quality compliance standards.

The Values That Guide MJ Care

The experience gained by MJ Care across generations has earned increasing levels of trust, because everything we do is guided by a special set of values. The way we put these values into practice is what makes MJ Care unique:

Treating our customers and associates with courtesy, consideration, and appreciation at all times, under all circumstances.

A workplace in which the highest standards of ethics and honesty are adhered to at all times and without exception. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

An atmosphere where new and creative ideas are supported and encouraged by management, associates and staff. An environment where associates are empowered to creatively solve problems and deliver excellent Health Care Services.

Service Excellence
A commitment to providing our customers with the highest caliber of service in all areas of MJ Care’s operations.

Providing services that fulfills the needs of our customers and consistently meets the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.

Providing seminars and continuous education for our associates that fulfills the needs of our clients, associates and consistently meets the highest standards of the industry.