Corporate Leadership

Mary Van Lare, PT
Founder, Board of Trustees

The story began in 1977 when the founder of MJ Care, Mary Van Lare, Physical Therapist, determined to build a therapy practice based on bringing hope and joy into each treatment, while achieving outstanding patient outcomes. That ideal remains central to the business over three decades later.

MJ Care stands for an exceptionally positive experience every time—one that clients want to tell others about. As a company, recruiting and training remarkable, talented staff who can achieve this result is imperative.

The company has grown rapidly as our professional, caring, and encouraging approach has attracted more and more healthcare providers, who appreciate the difference we make in the lives of their clients. Our customer base continues to grow throughout the Midwest and beyond, as we hold to our simple philosophy, while putting the latest methods and technologies to work.

Today, MJ Care is leading the way in values-driven rehabilitation, school billing services and staffing solutions. Our vision is one of excellence, leadership, and growth, even in times of dynamic change in the healthcare and insurance industries.