Corporate Leadership

Kelly Meleo, CPO
Chief Executive Officer

Since September 2019, Kelly is proud to be the second generation CEO of MJ Care, the company she grew up alongside, having seen resonant leadership, purpose and vision through her mother for over 40 years. Kelly knows that for her mother, founder Mary Van Lare, leadership was a walk in her faith, supporting her associates and helping them to pursue their personal callings. She recognizes that what is now called "compassionate coaching" and "employee empowerment" describes what Mary always called “ministering”. Kelly and the rest of the leadership team are focused on the same core values that anchored our mission in 1977. There’s a reason MJ Care can boast of so much experience and tenure. We take care of our associates, and in turn, our associates can focus on providing the highest standard of patient care.

Prior to joining MJ Care, Kelly enjoyed a career in patient care as a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist. Kelly studied Physical Therapy at Boston University, where she obtained a BS in Health Studies (2001) but fell in love with Prosthetics and Orthotics as a PT student helping an Orthotist fit a Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (RGO) and watching a child run on his own for the first time. She holds a second BS in Prosthetics & Orthotics from the University of Washington (2005).