School Billing Leadership

Debbie Ogrizovich
Vice President, School-Based Medicaid Billing

Debbie Ogrizovich leads MJ Care's School Billing Services Division. During her 20+ year career at MJ Care, Debbie has been responsible for managing and training office personnel in our clinics, hospitals and schools. She leads development of MJ Care's web-based Medicaid billing program, and continues to work to further customize the program to meet individual districts' needs. Debbie is highly respected for her industry insight and knowledge of state and federal programs. She has given informational presentations to school administrators regarding Medicaid programs for school-based services. She continues to train school professional staff on documentation requirements and performs documentation record reviews. In addition, Debbie has participated in the Statewide Advisory Group for Wisconsin School-based Services and was instrumental in the development of the Policy and Procedure Manual for School Professional Staff on School-based Services. She also provides consultation to our client districts, assisting them in their responses to the federal Medicaid audit.